Annual Report No.5

May 2004
  Opening Essay:  
  - For the second round action of the agricultural academy of Japan(AAJ) Okitsugu Yamashita
  - In Expectation of the Policy (Let Cultivated Land Revert to Woodland) Kinzo Nagahori
  - Confidence of consumers in the US beef Hideaki Karaki
  - Bone formation from the period of growth and prevention of osteoporosis Ikuko Ezawa
  - Offering of Scientific Knowledge and Duty of Explanation


Masahiko Saigusa
  - Submitting the opinion and demand of AAJ to the governor of Hokkaidou against the additional regulation on the outdoor experiments using gene modified plants
Eitaro Miwa
  - A Revolution of Science Council of Japan Koichi Sato
  - Fifth Symposium of the Agricultural Academy of Japan
 -Science for Food Safety-
Toyoki Kozai
  - Sixth Symposium of The Agricultural Academy of Japan
 -Multi-functional Developments of "Agriculture" for People in Large Cities-
Toyoki Kozai
  AAJ Newsletter:  
  - A report of the 6th General Assembly  
  - Editorial Postscript Koichi Sato
  - Constitution and By-laws of The Agricultural Academy of Japan