Annual Report No.6

May 2005
  Opening Essay:  
  - We need new concentration for agricultural science Osamu Soda
  - Reconstruction of sustainable society in bio-system of watershed Masayuki Seto
  - Safety of Food and Agriculture Hideaki Karaki
Makoto Shimizu
  - Toward the Innovation of Agricultural Production

Masahiko Saigusa
  - The latest movement of Science Council of Japan  
      Report of selected committee on manifold functions in the fishery and its
Fumio Takashima
      A Interim Report of the Special Committee for Population, Food and 
Takehiko Ohta
  - 6th Symposium of the Agricultural Academy of Japan
 -Multi-functional Developments of "Agriculture" for People in Large Cities-
Toyoki Kozai
  - 7th Symposium of The Agricultural Academy of Japan
 -Our Lives with Animals-

Takehiko Ohta
  AAJ Newsletter:  
  - A report of the 7th General Assembly  
    The movemnet of the Member  
  - The Editor's Postscript Akira Taniguchi
  - Constitution and By-laws of The Agricultural Academy of Japan